The Standard

Our Most Popular Headshot Session

Our headshot sessions are trusted by hundreds of creatives and professionals in the Dallas metroplex. Book your session today and take your headshot to the next level.

The Standard – $449

The Standard is the most popular headshot session we offer. Lasting up to 2.5 hours, The Standard includes valuable coaching that not only helps you showcase your best in front of the camera, but allows us to fine tune your headshots to effectively make an impression. We sit down and review your shots throughout your session, coaching you on techniques that will make you a pro at being comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll also learn what your headshot should say, and how to say it within a still image.

// 50% Deposit Required //

***NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the number of sessions available is extremely limited. Please contact us for more details.***

The Standard - Dallas Headshot Photography by Jonathan McInnis

What’s Included?

2.5 Hours Shooting & Coaching

I dissect what you are looking to achieve with your headshots and coach you on how to convey that through use of body language, color, posing. This helps create the perfect headshot to market you and your abilities in the best way possible. I do not have a limit to outfits, only a limit to time. We tend to fit in 3-4 outfits in the included 2.5 hours.

50-75 Headshot Proofs

During The Standard session, we go through all the images we shoot and narrow it down to  50-75 KILLER shots for you to select from for your final edits. You will receive these images after your session as unedited web resolution proofs to help you make a decision on which images you want to get retouched for professional use.

1 Retouched Image

Your first full resolution retouched images is included with The Standard session. Retouching includes color correction, blemish removal, skin softening, teeth whitening, makeup and hair correction. Retouched images come with a print release and an additional 8×10 crop w/ name for actors.  If needed, additional retouched images are $45 each.