Dallas Headshot Photography

We offer Dallas headshot photography trusted by hundreds of creatives and professionals around Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Your headshot photography is an investment. There’s nothing worse than leaving a Dallas headshot photography session with images that may look “professional”, but you feel don’t fully encapsulate who you are and what you do. Not only do I produce headshots that look clean and professional, I focus on creating a marketing piece that is designed to market you and your skills through the use of powerful body language, color, posing, lighting and more.

// All sessions require a 50% deposit //

***NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the number of sessions available is extremely limited. Please contact us for more details.***

Our Most Popular Headshot Session


The Standard - Dallas Headshot Photography by Jonathan McInnis

The Standard – $449

The Standard is the most popular headshot session we offer. Lasting up to 2.5 hours, The Standard includes valuable coaching that not only helps you showcase your best in front of the camera, but allows you to effectively make an impression with your headshot. The Standard includes everything for your Dallas headshot photography needs.

– 2.5 Hour Session with Coaching
– Unlimited Looks (We usually get 3-4 in)
– 50-75 Proofs
– 1 High Res Retouched Images ($45 Value)

Other Sessions

Power Hour – $299

Power Hour - Dallas Headshot Photography by Jonathan McInnis

Our Power Hour sessions are perfect for those who are looking for a simple, short session. I recommend the Power Hour session for entrepreneurs, authors, creatives and others who need one or two good shots for their website, LinkedIn, social media and more. The shorter session time with our Power Hour sessions is also perfect for young actors under the age of 12. Check out our Power Hour page for more information.

College Prep – $375

College Prep - Dallas Headshot Photography by Jonathan McInnis

My College Prep sessions are for young artists enrolled in 10th-12th grade looking to pursue a career in acting, musical theatre, music, and the arts. Colleges can see hundreds of student a day auditioning for their school, If you don’t stand out, there’s the chance of being forgotten. This session helps equip you, or your child, with headshots that will stand out above and beyond other students at the audition.

More Coming Soon…

Branding - Dallas Headshot Photography by Jonathan McInnis

We have some exciting sessions that are currently in development that dig deeper into branding, building your portfolio, and more. Stay tuned for more information about these juicy new sessions!